Welcome to Holy Infant’s Business Network.

Support your local parish businesses.

By purchasing goods and services from business owners and managers in our parish, you directly and indirectly support the parish. Seach this site when you need a repair, a real estate agent, financial and tax services, and much more.

Check out our Members Page to find out what services we can provide you.

About HIBN

Holy Infant Business Network (“HIBN”) is an association of Holy Infant parishioners engaged in business who have come together to:

  1. Help foster and support one another’s businesses through providing joint network marketing campaigns to the Holy Infant community.
  2. Provide financial support to Holy Infant Parish.
  3. All while providing these services in a Catholic, Christian manner.

Clergy Message

There is a group of Parishioners who have come together to support our parish members within their business lives. They have formed a network of members not only to share information, knowledge and business among themselves, but also to give the whole parish an opportunity and a means of supporting these parishioners and their businesses.
When a member of Holy Infant has a need to do any type of business, large or small, this is where you will find fellow parishioners who are in business for themselves. These are professionals who have the experience and knowledge you can rely on to get a job done effectively and thoroughly.
You can be assured that when you call on any of these members, you will be served with honesty and integrity. And in supporting their business, you are in turn supporting our very own parish family. I encourage all members of Holy Infant Parish to become familiar with this group called The Holy Infant Business Network.